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What is Mind Over MND.?

Mind Over MND. is an awareness raising project in the on-going battle against Motor Neurone Disease. It was created by members of the TeamEvo vs MND [link to our charitable causes page] campaign. The project aims to raise awareness of MND, raise valuable funds to support MND causes, get people talking about the disease and ultimately contribute to the movement to bring it to an end, once and for all!

The Mind Over MND. branding will be used at fundraising events, as well as to create our #MerchWithMeaning charity clothing line, and also for other promotional pieces and artforms.

What does Mind Over MND. mean?

It’s a philosophy, a mindset and a way of life for the Motor Neurone Disease community. The phrase ‘mind over MND’ originated amongst Peter Eveleigh (Evo) and his closest friends- to signify the need to fight against the daily battles Pete encounters as a result of this horrific illness and it’s symptoms. Not only does this phrase resonate with MND sufferers, but also those close to, and personally affected by the disease, as they also face challenges of both an emotional and physical nature, in order to support the fight against this disease.

Mind Over MND. is about tackling problems head on, standing in the face of adversity, not letting MND take control and using positive mental attitude to overcome challenges and obstacles, both for yourself and/or the greater good of MND sufferers.

This MINDset stems from the philosophy of ‘mind over matter’- being able to affect an outcome or physical condition/ problem using the mind. We believe that the mind is more powerful than you can ever imagine, and with a life-altering and life-ending disease such as this, your MINDset is the best tool you have to fight back!

What is the aim of the project?

We want to raise awareness of this little-known disease. We want to be seen and heard, and to shine a light on this horrific illness, so that it’s got nowhere left to hide. The more knowledge and awareness there is, the more MND sufferers feel supported and understood, and the more likely that we can all strive to end the current death sentence that MND brings. The end goal will always be to find a cure, so that MND can be overcome and so that we can create a world where no-one has to suffer the way that the Eveleigh family, along with thousands that have come before, have had to. We want to do our small bit to support the movement to bring to MND down. We hope you join us, as we always say ‘Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much’!

We will also be raising valuable funds to support MND charitable causes, both through our #MerchWithMeaning apparel, and also through other fund raising events and challenges.

How does this project help the MND community?

As well as raising awareness by getting the brand out there and getting people seeing and talking about MND, Mind Over MND. is a charitable brand. All profits of merchandise sales and other fundraising, will go to MND causes.

100% of profits from sales of products in our #MerchWithMeaning apparel range will be split between the TeamEvo vs MND fund, and the DarbyRimmer MND Foundation. These donations will be used directly to support Evo with his on-going treatments and therapies, to maintain the best possible quality of life for as long as possible. The other half of the donations will be going to Pete’s chosen charity, the ‘DarbyRimmer MND Foundation’. This charity helps to support the funding of research in the hunt for a cure, but also supports MND sufferers and their families to negotiate the minefield that living with MND brings. Find out more about our charitable causes here [link to ‘Our Causes’ page]

How can I help?

Buy our #MerchWithMeaning, wear it with pride and spread the word far and wide! More importantly, talk to people about MND. Educate yourself and others the disease and help us stand up to the disease.

To get your hands on our merch, click here.